Avoid bike Chain cleaning accident.

DO NOT clean motorcycle chain with the bike running in 1st gear and on the main stand! I have heard of incidents where mechanics have sliced their fingers doing the same. I think it’s the height of laziness from our side that we can’t even make effort to do anything physical. I believe those among us, who follow the same method for cleaning chain, shall agree to this fact. You may never know how many broken fingers incidents are happening in every day when cleaning the motorcycle chain. Please share your experiences you may never know how many broken fingers incidents you can prevent by sharing your experience here.

Modern bikes have open chains so they are more prone to dust, dirt and other elements and hence require more frequent maintenance. The chains are cleaned and lubed at every service but need frequent maintenance and care.

19122-2ff9de.jpegIn fact, you also want your chain to be in the best condition. After today, you will be able to fulfil this desire with safety. Keep your Motorcycle in the best position during the ride, and take you on a journey.

Use a Motorcycle Chain Cleaning Brush to clean your chain, and always be safe.

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